Golden Butterfly Productions has been taking form since 2004. Grounded in the diaries of Edwin Manners, revolutionary poet-scholar from Princeton and Columbia Universities, GBP is dedicated to supporting the new paradigm now blossoming on this planet. We seek to facilitate artistic revolutionary convergences which embody and enact the current metamorphosis of consciousness already underway.

“There is a poetic, a psychic quality about a butterfly, especially a golden butterfly, that should arrest attention, if not inspire the honeyed muse, and make even materialistic turtles crane their necks. It would serve an excellent purpose, if some one should strike right through our banter and reserve of sentiment and hold aloft this symbol of spiritual beauty.”…..Edwin Manners, June 23, 1905

Another facet of our community project is to promote Manners’ diaries in order to continue his nigh-forgotten legacy which holds powerful wisdom and reflection for our current age.

“After one or two attempts at writing my will which I put by, as most men with much hold on life are apt to do, I brought myself this afternoon bolt upright to the task and forced my pen through three or four pages of testamentary disposition and rounded it off per formam*. I stuck in my pet butterfly, not so much as a hopeful light flickering amid the glooms of testamentary and mortal remains, but as a symbol of spiritual beauty: yet it did cast on the paper darkly begun a poetic gleam that was oddly reassuring and delightful.

I made only a few bequests and left the bulk of the property to my family. We have had a few tiffs and differences, but withal blood counts, and I do not deem it particularly generous to give away what I shall have no longer any use for, although, to be sure, I could have consumed it, wisely or not, in my sublunary lifetime. It is always well to keep a certain residuum of money as well as strength: it assures more happiness than its spending would and has its own satisfaction.

But the spirit of the present occasion was the spirit of Goethe’s line –

“Wait only, soon thou too shalt rest!””


……….Edwin Manners, September 14, 1905

To view Manners’ (in)complete diaries, be sure to visit – http://www.golden-butterfly.com/

Full text of Edwin Manners’ last will and testament forthcoming… stay tuned!

October 29, 1896

Seeing Life Whole

“The child’s eye is a prism and sees bright colors on every side or facet; youth lives in a mist of romance; man views the world in a white light, looking though a glass slightly clouded, but which gradually clears till the medium is lost in almost perfect vision. At first comes poetry; then, love, and finally philosophy. The first and last are happy and content; but love brings unrest, ambition, dissatisfaction and strife. It thinks to gratify itself and does to some real end; it gains mayhap glory, a glory quite worth while, and knows joy, but also somewhat of vanity, at least seeming vanity. Uncertain and groping in the shadows, it yet assumes to reform the world. It seeks to better the poor and finds that the poor multiply and persist in poverty; it imagines vain things of the rich, of the great, who forsooth, are elected so to be, as the sure sequences of certain irrepressible antecedents and causes. It fancies the times are out of joint, but the age is not disjoint: ’tis the Ego that is purblind; its sight and thought are distorted; the will is perplexed and at fault. The glass begins to clear and reflect the world a-right. There is a beautiful transformation or transfiguration – all’s well with the age. Love now yields to philosophy, which discovers that the multitude are not wiser than their wisest head, their superior man; that certain irrestistible forces are working through them and by them, willy-nilly, for great purposes, no doubt, but that for the time being in any case, whatever is, fixed or experimental, is best!” ….. Edwin Manners