Social Revaluation

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Revaluation means a rise of a price of goods or products. This term is specially used as revaluation of a currency, where it means a rise of currency to the relation with a foreign currency in a fixed exchange rate. In floating exchange rate correct term would be appreciation. The antonym of revaluation is devaluation.”

Social Revaluation is a Revelation

In culture and society

Look around the world

Look inside ourselves

Who and what is valued?

Social Revaluation means a rise

Of each Person’s worth

Of the Good in All

A rise of currency

To the relation

With a foreign currency

In a fixed exchange rate

Who or what fixes the rate?

In a floating exchange rate

Who floats the rate?

Where is the appreciation?

And what is currency?

Originally currency

Was a form

A unit of account

Representing food

In the form of grain

Stored in temple granaries

A store of value

Four thousand years ago

Currency was a creation

A circulating medium of exchange


Now the global accounting mediums

Ask us again to trust them

With new units, markers, and derivatives

Representing we know not what

In forms few can explain or understand

Of dubious or even toxic value

Stored in forts and banks

Often traded or exchanged on line

Lines pushed by many global bankers and lawyers

By some accountants and most politicians

Snorted up their noses

Fat cats sitting in mansions

Made of promises they have not kept

Guarded by uniformed military police

Lifted up as heroes without earning the name

The weak and the poor too often seen without rights

Counted as collateral damage

When they are in the way

Devaluation spread like cancer

The earth and its resources

Viewed by huge corporations as pawns for the taking

Leaving the ground, the water, and the air

Damaged and polluted

For others to clean up

Debating climate change in blindness and arrogance

Giant conglomerates without a conscience

Poisoning paradise in a consuming wake.

The signs are everywhere

Their party is almost over

Environmental devaluation is being exposed

Shocks of economic crisis felt ’round the world

And endless war continues supported by both parties ………however


In the Cradles of Civilization

On Every Continent

The Places of Nature

Nurture quietly Rising Plant Nations

Sheltered in Earlier Stages

New ImagiNations Without Borders

Changing Under and On the Surface

A Myriad of Chrysalis-like Cradles Rocking in the Wind

In Grand Transformational Style

Marked by an Emerging Revaluation of Food, Goods, and Services

Showing True Appreciation for Work and Workers

Individuals and Communities

Making their Own Declarations of Independence

Moving Back to Basics

Sharing Food and Resources

Taking the Time to Love and Care for Others

With our Hands and From our Hearts

We the People Are Rising Up

To Protect the Earth

And Life Everywhere

Spreading our Wings with Wisdom and Words

Growing Food and Medicine Organically

Building Sound Sustainable and Ecofriendly Habitats

Raising Children with Respect and Nonviolence

Creating Art and Music and Dance and Theater

Surrounding Our Children

The Poor and the Oppressed

With Arms of Support and Healing

Giving Health Care and Freedom to All

We Can Do This

We Are Doing This

This Revaluation

This Revelation

This Revolution

This Time



International Festival; Harrisonburg,Va.


February 8, 1909

The current push of nature that overbears our fine calculations for its own ends, though perfectly natural, is looked askance at and little studied or understood. A frank and honest discussion of the whole matter, with its varied, implications, would give it direction and control, largely insure against frightful dangers and make potently for the health, perpetuity and advancing strength of the race. What pretenses and subterfuges we scuttle under where things the most vital are concerned! Why not let in the light of truth, come out in the open and ride full-panoplied on the plain?

May 24, 1910

In and about the financial district this afternoon, I was imbued with some of its iron tonic and marveled at the battle of the exchanges, the members of which resembled in effect if not in character the howling dervishes. Minds that can carry on for any length of time in this manner and atmosphere have a certain repugnance or hardness and narrowness. They may be stimulated in some directions, but are dwarfed in all the saner and nobler aspects of existences. I had a stock transaction with the American Trustee Company in the Wall street Exchange building, and then sauntered down Broad street amidst the noisy curb brokers and found a haven of rest in Fraunces’s Tavern. How quietly and picturesquely it sits at the corner contemplating its grim surroundings and recalling its interesting and appealing memories!

April 7, 1910

The masses seem to be moving up, whilst the classes, their monitors and inspiration, are in a measure being sacrificed. Yet there is a wide perceptible gain, and there will always be light-bearers, certain choice spirits of culture to carry on the nobler traditions and best thoughts. Perhaps they are commonly not prized, but they have their secret recompense. They are the very salt of society and do indeed savor and retrieve the mass. Alas when one looks afield! Such a general level and aspect, such a rush for the necessary and obvious; so little appreciation of pause, envisagement and personal distinction! Yet these things are but phases and relative; the whole is divinely moved and needs but the sounding mood, the penetrating eye, to divine its high and sufficient purposes. The life is justified of its being.


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Above Photograph                                            International Festival in Harrisonburg, VA

Featured image                                                 Mad Tea Party Jam in Hedgesville, WV

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